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We currently have several working groups that meet outside of our monthly chapter meetings to roll up our sleeves and get things done. All working groups maintain accountability to people of color-led organizations, reconnect with the chapter at monthly chapter meetings, and are supported by the coordinating team. Whether your skills, experience, and desires lead you to help with education, outreach, or one of our ongoing action campaigns, we are grateful for your time & energy, and need your help to keep us growing and moving, until justice is real. See below for group descriptions and how to get involved!

Working Groups

Education Working Group: Develops political education content for the SURJ chapter meetings, organizes community skill shares and anti-racism trainings, and creates support groups for teachers to develop racial justice curriculum. Contact: Kate at kate.w.cardona at

Outreach Working Group: Welcomes new members into TC SURJ, maintains website and social media, coordinates media asks, distributes email updates, creates outreach materials and participates in community tabling. Contact: Veronica at veronica.pillar at

Action Working Group: Organizes direct actions, coordinates rapid response to events, responds to calls for support from POC-led organizations, and facilitates training for all of the above. Contact: Kate at kate.w.cardona at

Coordinating Team (CT): Ensures TC SURJ stays aligned with its mission and goals by coordinating among working groups, liaising with national SURJ, maintaining accountability relationships with organizations led by people of color, maintaining effective organizational structures, supporting strategic planning, overseeing finances, and supporting chapter meeting planning/facilitation. Contact: CT members at tcsurj at

Action Groups

Multicultural Resource Center Program Support: Works in solidarity with 1. the Youth Organizing Fellowship, an MRC program that empowers young leaders to organize around social justice in our community, and 2. the Mentoring for Change collective, which provides resources for individuals and families impacted by mass incarceration. Both groups meet weekly at MRC, but not all participants can afford to live downtown and public transport is limited. We work to provide rides to help remove this barrier. Additionally, meetings take place around dinner time, so we work to provide weekly hearty meals during the MFC meetings. Contact: Kass and Becky at kurbanmead at and rsibner1 at

Learning/Action Circles: Small group learning circles that help white people clarify different ways they can take concrete action for racial justice and move through inner/outer barriers to action. Contact: Elan at elanshapiro343 at

Structural Racism Research: Generates research on how structural racism shows up and operates in Tompkins County, to be used as a community resource. Contact: Elan at elanshapiro343 at

Doorknocking: Goes door to door in neighborhoods and tables at events to break white silence by distributing Black Lives Matter yard signs and engaging people in conversations about race, racism, and the Movement for Black Lives. The project also serves as a fundraiser for the Tompkins County chapters of SURJ and Black Lives Matter. Contact: Rit and Jeri at gallucci.rit at

Rural Listening Group: A new committee to build support for rural racial justice conversations and organizing in our region. Contact: Mike at mxbishop at

Southside Community Center Support: A committee to coordinate behind-the-scenes support work for Southside, a community resource center that affirms, empowers, and fosters the development of self pride among the African-American citizens of greater Ithaca. Contact: Ruth at rmyarrow at